Jennifer Convertibles Sucks
I'm just trying to save you the hassle and heartache of dealing with not only substandard merchandise, but horrid customer service run by a fucking shady company.

A little website for the little guy
All documents on this site are owned by me
All pictures on this site were taken by me of my couch
All audio on this site was recorded by me on the sneak with various repairmen

UPDATE: JULY 31, 20009
I honestly thought I would put this page up as a way to vent my frustration with this fucked up company and never think about it again. But, it looks like someone out there also has an issue with Jennifer Convertibles! I just received the email below and had to share it.

Edward B. Seidner: I want you to know that someone in your inner investment circle secretly hates you. Paranoia can be the best catalyst to change your ways...

Anonymous emailer: You rock.

Edward B. Seidner


If you've come to this page, you're obviously looking to:

  1. Purchase a couch within a limited budget
  2. Remedy a current situation with Jennifer Convertibles/Leather

Well, if you fall into category 1 then DO NOT BUY A COUCH FROM JENNIFER CONVERTIBLES!!! And if you fall into category 2 then hopefully this page will help you either get a refund or put you on your way to a replacement.

So you may be wondering, "Why should I listen to this guy? What gives, and what does he have against a company that has seemingly fantastic couches and even more fantastical prices?!?"

Well, I'll tell you why. I purchased a couch from the Tarzana, CA. store in June of 2006 and was plagued with issues ranging from bogus, poorly built merchandise, horrible treatment from customer service reps and even worse treatment from upper management. To aid in my quest of getting YOU, the buyer, to avoid this company, I decided to document my dealings with Jennifer Convertibles that lasted well over a year in a month by month blog breakdown (complete with pictures and neat calendar graphics! Yey!). I'll be telling you exactly HOW this company works from the inside out to better arm you with the knowledge to avoid them like a one-tooth-one-armed-3 a.m.-hickhiker looking for a body to snatch.

Yes, it is that bad.

Friday June 16th:
Purchase made: 1 beige 3 piece Microfiber Kahuna sofa with UpholsterySHIELD:

MDSE. TOTAL: 1199.98
TAX: 99.00
DELIVERY: 169.99
TOTAL: 1468.97

Estimated delivery date of 6/24/06, payment was made in full at the time of purchase. Below are full copies of all the paperwork given to me at the time of purchase.
Reciept WorryFree Guarantee UpholsterySHIELD Plan

Saturday June 24th:
New couch arrives early in the morning. As the movers are installing the feet (the couches come wrapped up pretty heavily in saran without the feet attached) we find out that the bolts sent with the couch are too short and will not secure the feet at all to the frame. The movers then proceed to scratch my hardwood floors while moving the couches around and tell me that I need to call Jennifer Convertibles to get new screws and to also file a claim for the floors.

I naively sign off on the delivery of the couches and placed them on towels so my floor did not get damaged anymore.

I call the showroom and explain to the person on the other end of the phone my two issues - and they ask if I signed off on the couch. I did, stating that the delivery guy told me it was procedure and that I can file a claim and get my screws. The voice on the other end of the phone tells me I cannot file a claim on my floors and that I need to call the 1-800 number to get the correct screws. Great.

I then call the infamous 1-800 number to customer service where I'm greeted by a gruff NY voice asking me to visit the website or to please hold if my call is super important. I decide to hold as I want the feet on my couch! After about a 20 minute wait (you will be hard pressed to get through on this number any quicker) I get a young man by the name of Elliot who apologized for the incorrect screws and stated he put an order in for them while I was on the phone. He also stated that because I signed off on the couches I was stating that the delivery went a-ok and I had no grounds to file. He then told me to call on Monday to get the shipping number and to remember I had to get the screws installed by a Jennifer Convertibles tech to make sure I did not void the warranty. Sounds good!

You win some and you loose some, and at this point I'm happy with the price I paid and a small snag like incorrect screws is something I can easily overlook. I was renting at the time, so a scratched floor wasn't something I wanted to fight legally.

Monday June 26th:
I called back the 1-800 number, waited forever, and was told by Michael that the screw order had not been put into the system yet, but that I would be contacted with the shipping number as soon as it was available.

What fantastic customer service! They are going to call me? AWESOME!

Wednesday June 28th:
No call yet, so I ring up the 1-800 number, wait forever, and the phone gets picked up by a peon. I explain my situation again and then asked to be transferred to a manager - and I am then transferred to Jose Torres who identifies himself as the General Manager. I explain my situation to him, and let him know that I'm just looking for the tracking number of my screws so I can schedule a tech to come out and put them in the day they arrive. He says he's going to check the system and ring me back in 5 minutes. I get his email as a 'just in case' measure.

Friday June 30th:
No phone call yet from the Customer Service Center or Jose, so my girlfriend drafts an email that's pretty professional and to the point and sends it to Julio. The email asks that some sort of reimbursement be credited as the couch did not arrive as promised. Email is below, click to enlarge.
1st Email

Thursday July 6th:
A week after the email is sent Jose calls back and leaves a voice mail, which stated that Jennifer Convertibles does not issue credits of any kind, and that we could file a complaint at their website. He also states that he would be expediting the delivery of the screws.

Feeling like finally I are getting somewhere, I call back the 1-800 number and wait for someone to pick up the phone. As usual, I get a Customer Service Peon, to whom I have to explain the ENTIRE issue to before being able to be transferred to Jose.

But wait, Jose does not work there. The gentleman I have been talking with is actually named JULIO Torres, and he is not the General Manager, he is a supervisor at the call center and claims never to have talked to me before. He claims Jose is an employee that works in the showroom and is unable to receive customer service calls.

Things begin to smell fishy.

So after explaining the situation to Julio I beg him to confirm the screws are on their way. He responds with "Well, I'm not sure what was promised to you". Julio says he needs to email the manufacturer to get a tracking number and that the screws were to be delivered by next week, and he will call me back in 24 hours. I tell Julio I'll be calling him on Monday regardless and would like his direct extension so I don't have to explain my situation to a peon every time I call.

Monday July 10th:
I call the 1-800 number, wait on hold for 20 minutes and ask the peon that picks up to be transferred to Julio's extension 3660. I am told I cannot be transferred and that I need to explain my situation. After 10 minutes of explaining I am transferred directly to a voice mail - Julio's phone does not even ring. I tell Julio's voicemail that I will be looking into returning my purchase if he does not contact me.

Wednesday July 12th:
Still no call from Julio. I ring back the 1-800 number, wait on hold, get denied a direct transfer to Julio's extension, explain myself for 10 minutes and get transferred directly to voicemail again.

I hang up and call back.

On the second call I am told Julio is out to lunch (the time of the call was about 4p.m. EST) and that I would not be transferred to his line again.


Thursday July 13th:
I ring the 1-800 number, wait on hold, get denied a direct transfer to Julio's extension, explain myself for 10 minutes and get transferred directly to voicemail again.

Monday July 17th:
I ring back the 1-800 number, wait on hold, get denied a direct transfer to Julio's extension, explain myself for 10 minutes and get transferred directly to voicemail AGAIN.

At this point I am starting to believe that the screws were never ordered, and that this company is full of it. I check them out on the Better Business Bureau site and am not surprised when I see they have an F rating. Great.

Tuesday July 18th:
I ring back the 1-800 number, wait on hold, and get peon Elliot on the phone. I devise a plan on the fly to get the contact info from the screw manufacturer. I explain to Elliot that I received a call from the manufacturer and that they were asking me specific questions about the couch and I needed to talk to them. He hesitated and I responded with, 'Look, I don't want to bug you guys anymore. You can see I've been ringing you off the hook.' He agreed, told me to talk to Betty - and I scored the number to the screw company.

I call the Stratford Company, dial 715 for parts and get Betty on the phone. I tell her that this is Elliot from Jennifer Convertibles and that I need to get tracking information on some screws being sent out to a customer. I give her my order number (remember: everything that is done with your couch gets stamped with your original order number on your receipt) and wait patiently as she pulls up my tracking number.

But wait. There is no tracking number. In fact, Jennifer Convertibles never called in the order.


So I ask her to please send out the correct screws for the couch, give her the model number, and tell her that Julio Torres had ok' d a morning overnight of the package via Fed Ex and to charge Jennifer Convertibles directly at a normal over the counter rate to make up for the unusual request. She agreed and said they were being sent out as they had plenty of stock. Please click on the packing slip below:

Wednesday July 19th:
Got my screws. After over a moth of paying for this couch, the screws were in hand! I needed to call back to schedule the 'instillation' of the screws, so as not to void the warranty. I still wanted to play by the book, and was willing to do so.

I ring back the 1-800 number, wait on hold, and get peon Elliot on the phone. I thank him for getting the screws to me overnight and inquire about getting the screws installed. He said that he would put my request in and that a tech would call me back in 5-10 working days. I ask him why it would take to long to put screws in and he had no answer.


Wednesday August 2nd:
No call from the tech. I ring the 1-800 number, wait on hold, get denied a direct transfer to Julio's extension, explain myself for 10 minutes (AGAIN!!!) and get transferred directly to voicemail.


I call back a 2nd time and am hung up on. A 3rd time and again, hung up on but not before the peon that answered the phone, Latoya, puts the phone down on the table for 30 seconds as she bad mouths me to a co-worker. Now mind you, I'm not being rude. I'm not yelling. I'm not even demanding anything. I am calmly asking for a manager and stating my situation, over, and over, and over and.....

I give up for the day. I think I went home and got drunk and bought new towels on the internet because mine were under my couch.

Thursday August 3rd:
I ring back the 1-800 number, wait on hold, and get peon Melanie on the phone. She so far has been the only person in customer service with any sort of common sense and sympathy, and she promises I will get a call by the end of the day from a tech.

I received a call from the tech about 60 minutes later, proving that things CAN get done at the call center level, but that the employees are REFUSING to do anything. The tech states that it will take another 5-10 days to come out, and that I will be receiving a call the day before they can arrive with a 2-4 hour window to be home.

So wait. I call for a tech, wait 2+ weeks for a call back, and am now waiting another 2 weeks for someone to show up? And even then, they will let me know the day BEFORE they are arriving, and I'll have to be home within a 4 hour window to make sure they can get in? How does anyone with a normal job just take half a day off with no notice?


Tuesday August 15h:
I get a call from the tech. They will be over tomorrow from 8 a.m. -12 p.m. to install the screws correctly under warranty.

Wednesday August 16th:
I call in sick to work and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

The tech arrives at about 4:30 p.m. saying he could not find the place. We tip the couches over and install the screws. He asks to take the old ones back with him and I told him I threw them out... but I secretly kept them in my dresser drawer and fantasized about throwing them through a Jennifer Convertibles showroom window in another state.


September 2006 to May 2007:
The couch has become squeaky and generally uncomfortable. The cushions are losing their puffyness and I'm generally not enjoying the couch. It's looking cheap and sad. Keep in mind I live with my girlfriend, we have no kids or pets, and we keep covers on the couch as we made an initial investment on this couch and wanted to have something we could sit on for years.

Wednesday June 6th:
Sitting on the couch watching TV, and I noticed that all of a sudden my knees are physically above my waistline. Sensing something is wrong I tip the couch over and find the frame broken and sticking out of the bottom of the fabric skirt:

This does not look good. The frame is broken and the springs have fallen down from the correct height:

Thursday June 7th:
My girlfriend submits a claim on Jennifer Convertibles' website explaining the damage as well as the fact the couch is under 1 year old. We attach the pictures to the claim.

I dread calling the 1-800 number.

Monday June 11th:
We get an email back from Teresa Dilone stating that we have been set up for service, and we would be receiving a call from the tech within 5 business days to set up the repair, and if we don't hear from the tech by then to call the 1-800 number.

Fucking great. We wait and sit on beanbags when in actuality, I should be destroying this couch any way I can.

Tuesday June 19th:
The tech calls my girlfriend's cell phone stating they are outside our building and cannot get in.

WHAT?! No heads up? No scheduling?!!?

I race home (I live about 10 minutes away from work) only to find that they have left. I call the 1-800 number back and demand a reschedule for tomorrow. I am confirmed for a revisit tomorrow.

Wednesday June 20th:
The tech calls in the morning from his unblocked cell phone (this is important later) and gives me a window of arriving between 1-5 p.m. To be sure, I email Teresa confirming our address and the time. She does not respond.

The tech arrives around 2 p.m., takes one look at the couch and says he was never notified that the couch was actually broken and he does not have the needed parts to repair it. I casually engage him in conversation and ask if he repairs Jennifer Convertibles couches often and he says that the majority of his service center's business is done via JC. He also states the couches are cheaply made and never the same after repair and that this one will take 3 hours to repair and that he will submit a report to Jennifer Convertibles in 30 min tues to get things rolling. He's really nice and has a shitty job, so I cut him a lot of slack and give him a Pepsi. He is thankful.

My girlfriend immediately emails Teresa back with these details asking for a tech reschedule. And I call the 1-800 number, wait, etc. etc., and get Julio Torres on the phone.

I ask if he remembers me, and he does.

FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. Here we go again.

I explain the situation and he says he needs to wait for the tech to submit a report of the damage before they can reschedule. I ask how long this will take, and he says up to 10 days, and in the end he doesn't care much that my couch in unusable.

Monday June 21st:
Having saved the tech cell phone number from last week's call, I ring him up and tell him that Jennifer Convertibles is claiming he never submitted a report. He assures me he did on Friday, and I tell him I don't want him to get in trouble and I need to get to the bottom of everything. He offers up the phone number to his service center.

I call and get a fantastic woman on the phone named Amy. I explain to the the situation, and she is very sympathetic and tells me that reports are submitted electronically into a website report system and that Jennifer Convertibles receives them instantly along with instantly viewable pictures. My specific report was sent to them last Friday, as the tech had promised. Amy then stated she could look to see if the report had been viewed, and it was viewed earlier in the day before this phone call.

So I call the 1-800.....BLAH BLAH BLAH and get Michael on the phone. Michael sounds pretty new to the game, and I put the full court press on him. Armed with the knowledge I now have I ask for a new tech appointment, which goes down like this:

Michael tells me I need to wait 10 days for them to receive the report. I tell them they have it, he says I am wrong, I say I am right, he puts me on hold for over 10 minutes...

Michael comes back and states the report is in the system, but it has not been assigned to anyone for review, I tell him someone look at it, he tells me I am wrong, I say I am right, and he puts me on hold for ANOTHER 10 minutes...

Michael comes back and tells me I need to wait and that I cannot call back for 10 days. I ask what the wait is for, as I've talked to the tech center and KNOW that I am going to be scheduled for a new visit and repair and want this to happen tomorrow. Michael puts on an attitude, and which point I start asking for his bosses names and numbers (located at the upper right of this page) and tell him I'm recording the conversation and will use his words against the company when I sue them. He cracks like an egg and tells me that Julio Torres is the only person in the department that can push a report through and expedite a repair. This is all the information I need at this point and demand to talk to Julio, who I can hear in the background coaching Michael.

I am transferred to Julio who hangs up on me immediately. I refer back to my notes from last year's screw fiasco and call him directly. He hangs up. I call again, he hangs up.

He hangs up on me no less than 6 times.

Julio finally picks up and says "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" and I explain that all I want is my couch to be repaired and that I will not wait 10 days for my report to be received when I know it has already been processed, submitted, and looked at. Julio agrees to push the report through and gives me a rescheduled date of June 28th.

Thanks Julio, yer the bestest.

Thursday June 28th:
Receive a call from the tech in morning, and he shows up around 3 p.m. The look on his face is of horror as he says he is going to try to repair the couch, but it doesn't look good. He gets to it. He's sweating. I'm watching from a distance. He's cursing the couch. I too curse the couch in my head.

I don't say much, and neither does he. After about 30 minutes he gives up stating he too does not have the right equipment and will be issuing a report to grant me a refund or replacement.


Monday August 6th:
I call Julio directly and it goes to voicemail. I call the to peon.....get Julio on the phone and explain how a new report was submitted that will state a replacement is the only remedy. Julio tells me that by law they get two chances to repair the couch and that another tech appointment would be issued within 10 days.


I demand an appointment the following day. Julio hangs up on me.

Now, please understand, I'm tired at this point. I'm sick of calling. I'm sick of fighting. All I want is something to put under my ass when I come home from work at night. Is that too much to ask? I spend every day of this week calling Julio and leaving fart sounding messages on his voicemail.

Hope you enjoyed it, shithead.

Monday August 13th:
Received a call from the tech, they will be out next Tuesday.

Tuesday August 21st:
The tech arrives, and again he's a cool dude. But this time, I have an agenda. I want to get his opinion recorded. I want the world to know just how bad this POS company really is, and what better way to do that then through the words of one of their own techs.

I make my move.

I offer him a soda, and he asks for water. I pour him two glasses with some fresh ice (in my finest frosty beer mug no less) and give it to him. Then I casually turn on my Macbook and begin to record the conversation.

Hey, it's my home. I do what I want. Listen to what the tech says about Jennifer Convertibles:


The tech ends up working on the couch for over 2 hours to no avail. It's in such bad shape that repair will be worthless. Every time he puts a new bracket in something else on the frame breaks, and finally the screws start coming out. He explains that you cannot really repair a couch made of this kind of wood. I ask what kind of wood is that?

He says, shitty softwood that should never be made into couches. Check the pictures of the hardware:

I get him to agree that the couch is a mess, and that he will submit a report stating a replacement will be needed. He will submit the report when he gets back to the office. I give him a Pepsi for the road and thank him for all his hard work.

AWESOME. DOUBLE AWESOME. I have a rad MP3 and a botched 2nd repair. Booya.

Wednesday August 22nd:
I call Julio directly and it goes to voicemail. I call the 1-800....... wait................. peon................. fuck them .................. Julio Torres and demand my new couch.

I need to wait 10 days.

Fuck you Julio, I'm getting my new couch. *fart fart fart fart fart*

Tuesday Sept 4th:
I call the tech service center and talk to Gracie who tells me this report was submitted on August 21st, the day before I talked to Julio.

Wednesday Sept 5th:
Called Julio's direct line......voicemail...1-800...wait....peon Dwane......explain, transfers me to Julio who answers and then hangs up on me.

Nice. Real Fuckin classy.

I finally call Julio's boss, Meryil Gair and explain the situation. She looks over the report and grants me a full exchange and tells me to call back tomorrow to get the number from Julio Torres.

Thursday Sept 6th:
I call Julio directly this time and tell him of my conversation with Meryil. He barks the authorization number at me. The sad, angry little man then tells me I need to act fast, because the number is only good for 21 days and that includes the time it takes to order the couch and have it delivered, and if I couldn't coordinate a replacement within 21 days I would be SOL because they only issue one return number per account. All exchanges/returns are done via the purchasing showroom and they have to schedule the delivery, pick up, etc.

Go fuck yourself Julio. I fart on your phone.

Thursday Sept 7th:
I call the Tarzana showroom and am told I need to talk to the GM who is not in but will call me back. Great.

Thursday Sept 13th:
I call the Tarzana showroom and get Sharta on the phone who looks over my file and tells me that my contact info is incorrect and that someone in corporate had changed it. The GM who claims to have been at the store all week has been trying to call me at an invalid number.


The GM promises to call me back by the end of the day with more info regarding the return. He needs to call the corporate office, verify the authorization number, jerk off into his own mouth and then shit on Julio's phone. I agree, he does need to do all of those things and call me back.

He calls me back. I ask for credit for the fabric coverage, he says no. I say I want the couch tomorrow, he says no. I finally ask what he can do for me, and he says a new couch will be delivered on Oct. 3rd.


Saturday Sept 29th:
I get the call from the delivery guys in the morning asking me to be home from 2-6 p.m. I say sure, and I'll see them then.

Delivery guys show up and ask me if they can remove the old couch before brining in the new one. I say no, that they need to bring in one new piece, let me inspect it, and then leave with the corresponding old piece. They agree as I tell them I'm not trying to make their day difficult, it's just that their couches are shit and I don't want to get the shaft.

And sure enough, the first piece they bring in is totally broken on the backside. The frame is broken and bent out, ensuring that there is no way in hell this couch could sit flush against a wall.

The delivery guys apologize, and instruct me to call the 1-800 number as I kick them out.

I call GM of the Tarzana showroom and explain the situation. He states he needs to talk to the delivery guys and will call me back, and he will also need a new authorization number for another couch.

Wednesday October 3rd:
I call the Tarzana showroom and the GM answers and tells me he will have a new number tomorrow.

Thursday October 4th:
I get a call from the Tarzana GM with the new number and new delivery date.

Tuesday October 9th:
The new couch arrives. I sell it that night on Craigslist to a nice lady at a fantastic steal of a discount. I tell her not to jump on it.

Jennifer Convertibles Current Better Business Bureau score is:

"We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices." -Better Business Bureau

Click here to visit Jennifer Convertibles BBB page.

Want to get in touch with someone at Jennifer Convertibles but you just can't seem to get any love from the Customer Service reps? Well, here's the current unpublished directory of Customer Service management:

Corporate Office
1-800-595-1422 (unpublished)
419 Crossways Park Drive
Woodbury, NY 11797

Claim Center main number
Claim Center Peon: Elliot
Claim Center Peon: Michael
Claim Center Peon: Melanie
Claim Center Peon: Dwane
Claim Center Peon: Sharta (rude)
Claim Center Peon: Latoya (SUPER rude!)

Claim Center Manager:
Julio Torres
1-800-371-3660 (unpublished)

Julio Torres' manager:
Meryil Gair
1-800-371-3786 (unpublished)

Meryil Gair's manager:
Ron Turin
1-800-371-3890 (unpublished)

Ron Turin's manager:
Marty Erich
1-800-371-3276 (unpublished)

Marty Erich's manager:
Harley Greenfield, CEO

If Jennifer Convertibles owes you parts, or a part has to be ordered for your item, this is where it comes from. Obviously does not like you knowing where their suppliers are, so if you are waiting for parts call the number above and say you are Elliot or Latoya from Jennifer Convertibles and that you are checking on the status of an order for a customer.

Contracted parts center:
Caye Home Furnishings/Stratford Upholstery
1201 West Bankhead St.
New Albany, MS 38652
ext. 715 for parts

Are you in the middle of a repair? Be nice to the service people, they are not Jennifer employees and are your best shot at getting a new chair, couch, parts etc. Use this number to verify when reports are sent to Jennifer Convertibles and to make sure the technician can find your house.

Become friends with the tech that comes to your house, as his report will determine if Jennifer Convertibles will give you a new couch or not.

Contracted service center for Los Angeles, CA